“Denise listens to the people of Novato and this local input guides her decisions on the City Council.  That’s why she has been such an effective Councilmember.  I proudly endorse Denise Athas for re-election:.

Assemblymember Marc Levine

“Denise Athas is one of the most effective and hardworking public servants I know.  Novato is fortunate to have such a dedicated representative for our City.  She combines a rare understanding of the importance of balancing local business success with environmental sustainability.  On November 5th, let’s re-elect Denise Athas for City Council.”

Supervisor Judy Arnold, County of Marin

“Denise considers public safety to be vitally important to our community.  As Chief of Police in Novato, I always found Denise to be committed to improving our safety and welfare.  She always demonstrated a common sense approach to enhancing the quality of life for our community.”

Joe Kreins, Former Novato Chief of Police

“North Bay Leadership Council is proud to support Denise Athas because she provides the balanced leadership and “common sense” thinking the community needs to navigate through the difficult decisions and challenges that impact and benefit Novato’s citizens.  If voters want someone who will take a pragmatic approach to problem-solving and is able to get things done, they should vote for Denise.  She is very effective and her ability to work collaboratively with the other Council members consistently shows she puts the needs of the community first.”

Cynthia Murray, President and CEO, North Bay Leadership Council

“Denise has my twofold endorsement for re-election to the Novato City Council.  First of all, as a resident of Novato, I have watched Denise actively engage the community in her decision making process and tirelessly serve our community day after day.  Secondly, as a fellow Councilmember, I have been even more impressed by her leadership and commitment to our city – she is a true public servant.  Join my in voting for Denise Athas this November.”

Eric Lucan, Mayor Pro Tem, City of Novato

“Denise understands what being a true public servant means. She listens, thoughtfully weighs all the information and concerns, and then makes the best decision for all of the Novato community. We need her leadership for four more years to keep Novato moving forward.”

Madeline Kellner
Novato City Council Member and former Mayor

“It has been my pleasure to serve with Denise during her first term on the Novato City Council. She has proved to be a true leader who is smart, strategic and thoughtful. Through her “open-door policy,” Denise listens carefully to all, makes well reasoned decisions and works cooperatively to get goals accomplished. She has been a truly great asset as a Novato Downtown business owner, Council Member and Mayor and I highly recommend her for a second term on the Novato City Council.”

Jeanne MacLeamy
Novato City Council Member and former Mayor

“I have had the privilege of serving on several committees with Denise Athas and have found her to be very fair and supportive of the people she serves and a great asset to the community and City of Novato.  She works very hard to help and resolve issues.   No matter how big or how small she will find a solution to make it work!  I have known Denise as Mayor of Novato and the City Council and President of the Downtown Novato Business Association.  I endorse Denise Athas for City Council”.

Marvin Giambastiani,  Chairman for Novato Nostalgia Days

“Denise Athas embodies all the qualities that make Novato special.  She is wise, frugal, honest, caring and diligent.  Denise knows what needs to be preserved and also where we must move forward.  She has an exemplary track record on the City Council and deserves re-election”.

Jay Strauss, Novato Chamber of Commerce Board Member

“Denise is a responsible, informed and practical City Council Member and past Mayor of Novato; not an easy task in this era of cutbacks on cutbacks in local government.  Denise has recognized the need to create a robust local economy to keep jobs and spending here in Novato and not on the highway to somebody else’s community while our tax dollars support their local governments, not ours.  She has earned our support.”

Jerry Peters, Novato Chamber of Commerce Board Member