Welcome & Thank You!

Denise Athas Novato City Council Member and Former Mayor

I am so grateful to have won the past election for another term in office and I will not take it lightly.  There is a lot of work to do to make Novato everything we all want it to be while still maintaining the style we all want to see continue. We have wonderful people in our city and I am thrilled to work with them for another term.

Thank you to everyone who did something to make this victory happen.  I couldn’t have done it alone.  Special thanks go out to my husband, George, who put up with so much and walked side by side with me to as many homes as we could.  Also, special thanks go out to Michael Terris; my office manager, Susan Butler; Steve Rempe and his crew who masterly put up and will take down all the signs around Novato; Sonia Tanner, my e-marketing guru; Kim Kaselionis, my treasurer who does a lioness share of the work; Marv Giambastiani, my car sign guy; and all those who walked neighborhoods with us … Jennifer Goldfinger, Councilmember Jeanne MacLeamy, Elayne Miller, Sonia Tanner, Steve Gainer, Patrick Carroll, Cliff Jacobs and Councilmember Madeline Kellner; and all those people who graciously let me put up signs in their yards and businesses.

Also, my gratitude goes out to Celebrity Chef Ryan Scott, Chef Nicolas Abrams, Hilltop 1892 and Executive Sous Chef Joe Jacobsmeyer.

But mostly, I am grateful to the voters who took the time to vote for me … I will not let you down! Thank You again, everyone! And please remember, my door truly is always open!  Thank you again, everyone.  Let’s have a productive and wonderful four more years together!

Sincerely Yours,

Councilmember Denise Athas

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