Welcome & Thank You!

Denise Athas Novato City Council Member and Former MayorDear friends, family, and partners,

I’ve committed to running for another term on our Novato City Council.

We’ve taken the first of several steps towards creating a more streamlined, responsive, and transparent City Hall. This has been an important focus for me, and I feel strongly about seeing this transition through. Also, we’re on the front end of several projects, designed to build a strong, contemporary future, which would be better-able to support our local village feel and slower pace into the future. I feel a tremendous responsibility to make sure these are done thoughtfully, with community engagement every step of the way, and a clear eye on Novato’s long-term future.

We have a lot of opportunity before us. If we simply say “no,” without promoting solutions, we will be defined by the winds of change. Being thoughtful, inclusive and determined, we can preserve our character, and move Novato forward, building a strong, vibrant, optimistic future, without sacrificing our quality of life.


As a local small business owner and community member, I understand the need for a thriving downtown. I’ve energetically supported the downtown theater and smart station, and was instrumental in getting the Downtown Streets Team into Novato.

As a mother, I know the importance of safe open space for our families. I brought forward a  “Summer in the City,” program where students learn local government through a curriculum and intern in the afternoons in various departments.  Staff is working on bringing it forward for council approval later this year.  I’ve built partnerships with our Superintendent and School Board members, and remain an advocate for Blue Ribbon Coalition for Youth.

I’m keenly aware that after a lifetime of giving, our older adult community should expect services that provide dignity, security, and respect. I’ve worked to expand services and adult programs, advocating for more senior care facilities like the Hamilton Hospital.

And, as community member, I believe in transparency, access, and broad participation as the only way we make sound choices. I’m focused on further expanding community engagement, improving our notification and overall transparency, and increasing project communications with the public.

Our Future

Moving forward, my priorities include:

  • Continuing to improve City Hall transparency, efficiency, and public engagement. 
  • Building a stable, sustainable economy and a safe, thriving Downtown.
  • Strengthening the programs and resources that provide our senior community with security, dignity, and respect

As your Mayor, it’s been my privilege to be your champion and advocate. My door continues to be open and community always comes first. Thank you for your partnership and ongoing support, and please feel free to reach out anytime.

With respect,

Sincerely Yours,

Mayor, City of Novato

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